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Smilin' Through -vhs
TitleSmilin' Through -vhs
Time100 mins
GenreFantasy; Music; Musical; Romance; War
DirectorFrank Borzage
ActorJeanette MacDonald as Kathleen / Moonyean Clare; Brian Aherne as Sir John Carteret; Gene Raymond as Kenneth 'Ken' Wayne / Jeremy 'Jerry' Wayne; Ian Hunter as Reverend Owen Harding; Frances Robinson as Ellen; Patrick O'Moore as Willie; Eric Lonsdale as Charles / Kenneth's Batman; Jackie Horner as Kathleen / as a Child; David Clyde as Sexton; Frances Carson as Dowager; Ruth Rickaby as Woman; Douglas Beattie as Baritone in Recessional; Marguerite Campbell; Nan Merriman as Mezzo-Soprano in 'Recessional'; Wyndham Standing as Doctor
CinematographyLeonard Smith; Oliver T. Marsh
PlotJohn Carteret has long been depressed and lonely, because, at his wedding years ago, his bride, Moonyean, was murdered. He accepts into his house Kathleen, the 5 year old orphaned niece of Moonyean, and she quickly grows up to look just like her aunt. Kathleen meets and falls in love with a mysterious stranger from America, Kenneth Wayne. When John hears of this he is furious, and we learn that it was Kenneth's father, Jeremy, who had killed Moonyean years before. John carries his grudge against Jeremy to the new generation, and threatens to ruin his niece's happiness, but he softens in the end.
ProducerFrank Borzage; Victor Saville
WriterClaudine West; Jane Murfin
Smilin' Through -vhs