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Northwest Outpost -vhs
TitleNorthwest Outpost -vhs
Time91 mins
GenreAction; Drama; Music; Musical; Western
DirectorAllan Dwan
ActorNelson Eddy as Captain Jim Laurence; Ilona Massey as Natalia Alanova; Joseph Schildkraut as Count Igor Savin; Elsa Lanchester as Princess 'Tanya' Tatiana; Hugo Haas as Prince Nickolai Balinin; Lenore Ulric as Baroness Kruposny; Peter Whitney as Volkoff Overseer; Tamara Shayne as Olga Natalia's Maid; Erno Verebes as Kyril Balinin's Aide; George Sorel as Baron Kruposny; Rick Vallin as Dovkin; Richard Alexander as Large Convict; Antonin Barnett as Colonist; George Blagoi as Colonist; John Bleifer as Groom
CinematographyReggie Lanning
PlotUS cavalry officer James Laurence (Nelson Eddy) arrives at one of the Russian colonies to pave the way for the eventual American takeover of the territory. He faces resistance in the form of Prince Nikolai Balinin (Hugo Haas), who has no intention of weakening his despotic hold over the local peasants. The plot thickens when Laurence falls in love with Natalie Alanova (Ilona Massey), the wife of disgraced nobleman Count Igor Savin (Joseph Schildkraut).
ProducerAllan Dwan
WriterRichard Sale; Laird Doyle
Northwest Outpost -vhs