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Maniac 1934
TitleManiac 1934
Time51 mins
GenreComedy; Drama; Horror; Mystery; Science Fiction
DirectorDwain Esper
ActorBill Woods as Don Maxwell; Horace B. Carpenter as Dr. Meirschultz; Ted Edwards as Buckley; Phyllis Diller as Mrs. Buckley; Thea Ramsey as Alice Maxwell; Jenny Dark as Maizie; Marvelle Andre as Marvel; Celia McCann as Jo; John P. Wade as Embalmer Mike; Marian Constance Blackton as Neighbor; Umberto Guarracino as Pluto; Bartolomeo Pagano as Maciste; Satan as Satan the Cat
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyWilliam C. Thompson
PlotAn ex-vaudeville actor is working as the assistant to a doctor who has Frankenstein aspirations. The ex-vaudeville actor kills the doctor and decides to assume the identity of the dead physician.
ProducerDwain Esper; Hildegarde Stadie
WriterHildegarde Stadie
Maniac 1934