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Let Freedom Ring -vhs
TitleLet Freedom Ring -vhs
Time100 mins
GenreDrama; Music; Musical; Romance
DirectorJack Conway
ActorNelson Eddy as Steve Logan; Virginia Bruce as Maggie Adams; Victor McLaglen as Chris Mulligan; Lionel Barrymore as Thomas Logan; Edward Arnold as Jim Knox; Guy Kibbee as David Bronson; Charles Butterworth as The Mackerel; H.B. Warner as Rutledge; Raymond Walburn as Underwood; Dick Rich as 'Bumper' Jackson; Trevor Bardette as Gagan; George 'Gabby' Hayes as 'Pop' Wilkie; Louis Jean Heydt as Ned Wilkie; Sarah Padden as 'Ma' Logan; Eddie Dunn as 'Curly'
CinematographySidney Wagner
PlotA Harvard man (Nelson Eddy) fights a railroad baron with a disguise and the power of the press.
ProducerHarry Rapf
WriterBen Hecht; Laurence Stallings
Let Freedom Ring -vhs