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Treasure Island welles  -vhs
TitleTreasure Island welles -vhs
Time94 mins
GenreAdventure; Drama; Family
DirectorJohn Hough; Andrea Bianchi
ActorOrson Welles as Long John Silver; Kim Burfield as Jim Hawkins; Lionel Stander as Billy Bones; Walter Slezak as Squire Trelawney; �ngel del Pozo as Doctor Livesey; Rik Battaglia as Captain Smollett; Maria Rohm as Mrs. Hawkins; Paul Muller as Blind Pew; Jean Lefebvre as Ben Gunn; Michel Garland as Merry; Aldo Sambrell as Israel Hands; Alibe Parsons as Mrs. Silver; Jos� Lu�s CHINCHILLA as Anderson; Victor Israel as Morgan; Adolfo Thous as Black Dog
CinematographyCecilio Paniagua
PlotYoung Jim Hawkins finds himself serving with pirate captain Long John Silver in search of a buccaneer's treasure, in this short adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale.
ProducerHarry Alan Towers; Artur Brauner
WriterOrson Welles; Antonio Margheriti
Treasure Island welles  -vhs