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Thief And The Cobbler -vhs
TitleThief And The Cobbler -vhs
Time73 mins
GenreAdventure; Animation; Comedy
DirectorRichard Williams
ActorVincent Price as ZigZag; Bobbi Page as Princess YumYum (Majestic Films version) / Additional voices (Miramax version); Steve Lively as Tack the Cobbler (Majestic Films version) / Additional voices (Miramax version); Ed E. Carroll as The Thief (Majestic Films version) / Additional voices (Miramax version); Clive Revill as King Nod (re-edited versions); Mona Marshall as Nurse (Majestic Films version) / Witch (Majestic Films version) / Additional voices (Miramax version; Joan Sims as Mad and Holy Old Witch; Kevin Dorsey as Mighty One-Eye (re-edited versions); Donald Pleasence as Phido the Vulture (original and Majestic Films version) / Additional voices (Miramax version); Stanley Baxter as Gofer / Slap; Kenneth Williams as Goblet / Tickle; Clinton Sundberg as Dying Soldier; Windsor Davies as Chief Roofless; Frederick Shaw as Goolie; Thick Wilson as Hook
CinematographyJohn Leatherbarrow
PlotThe film tells a story which takes place in an oriental city from the tales of thousand and one night. It covers the friendship of a thief knowing all tricks to survive in the city and a poor cobbler/shoemaker who has to struggle in order to live.
ProducerRichard Williams; Gary Kurtz
WriterRichard Williams; John Patrick Shanley
Thief And The Cobbler -vhs