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My Chauffeur -vhs
TitleMy Chauffeur -vhs
Time97 mins
GenreComedy; Romance
DirectorDavid Beaird
ActorDeborah Foreman as Casey Meadows; Sam J. Jones as Battle; Sean McClory as O'Brien; Howard Hesseman as McBride; E.G. Marshall as Witherspoon; Penn Jillette as Bone; Teller as Abdul; John O'Leary as Giles; Julius Harris as Johnson; Laurie Main as Jenkins; Stanley Brock as Downs; Jack Stryker as Moses; Vance Colvig Jr. as Doolittle; Ben Slack as Dupont; Elaine Wilkes as Colleen
CinematographyHarry Mathias
PlotA feisty young woman accepts a mysterious offer to become a chauffeur for a Beverly Hills limousine business, much to the chagrin of her older male coworkers and the disbelief of her customers.
ProducerMichael Bennett; Marilyn Jacobs Tenser
WriterDavid Beaird
My Chauffeur -vhs