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Littlest Viking Sigurd Drakedreper -vhs
TitleLittlest Viking Sigurd Drakedreper -vhs
Time90 mins
DirectorLars Rasmussen; Knut W. Jorfald
ActorKristian Tonby as Sigurd Drakedreper; Per Jansen as Orm Viking; Terje Str�mdahl as Jarlen; Rulle Smit as Jarlefrua; Brit Elisabeth Haagensli as Edda; Cathrine Bang as Ravnejenta; Christian Breivik as Reim; Anders Eidsvoll as Tord; Per Kristian Indrehus as Are; Pia Rosenberg as Tir; Erlend Haga as Ottar Illuge; Joachim Calmeyer as Torarin Treskj�rer; Rolf S�der as Forliksmann; Sally Kemble as Jente p� tingmarked; Morten Spiten as Illuge-fange
CinematographyKjell Vassdal
PlotSigurd Drakedreper is a film about Sigurd growing up in a time when conflicts are resolved with weapons. Sigurd is named after a great tale hero, Sigurd F�vnesbane. It is expected that he will grow up and become a strong Viking, like all in his family. He will lead blood revenge on and avenge the murder of his brother. Illugene, which enemies lurks somewhere out there in the dark! Based on the book by Torill Thorstad Hauger.
WriterLars Rasmussen; Knut W. Jorfald
Littlest Viking Sigurd Drakedreper -vhs