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First Kid -vhs
TitleFirst Kid -vhs
Time101 mins
GenreComedy; Family
DirectorDavid M. Evans
ActorSinbad as Sam Simms; Brock Pierce as Luke Davenport; Blake Boyd as Dash; Timothy Busfield as Woods; Art Lafleur as Morton; Robert Guillaume as Wilkes; Lisa Eichhorn as Linda Davenport; James Naughton as President Davenport; Fawn Reed as Susan Lawrence; Erin Williby as Katie Warren; Zachery Ty Bryan as Rob; Michael Krawic as James; Bill Cobbs as Speet; Jemar Jefferson as Andre; Daniel Baron as Yo-Yo
CinematographyAnthony B. Richmond
PlotSome say that to be the leader of a country is one of the loneliest jobs in the world. But being the child of a world leader can be doubly so. Constantly surrounded by security officers, restricted in movements and having almost every waking moment carefully monitored makes normalcy an impossibility. No one knows this better than young Luke Davenport, the son of U.S. President Davenport. He vents his loneliness, frustration and feelings of isolation from family and friends by being a brat to his private Secret Service agent. When the agent snaps from the strain in front of the First Lady, a new agent is assigned to Luke. He turns out to be the enormous Sam Simms, a bit of a rogue who managed to rise through the ranks by sheer determination rather than strict adherence to Secret-Service protocol. At first, Luke tries all his old tricks upon Sam. But instead of getting angry, Sam seems to actually understand.
ProducerRoger Birnbaum; Jeffrey Chernov
WriterTim Kelleher
First Kid -vhs