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Last Valley -vhs
TitleLast Valley -vhs
Time126 mins
GenreAction; Adventure; Drama; War
DirectorJames Clavell
ActorMichael Caine as The Captain; Omar Sharif as Vogel; Florinda Bolkan as Erica; Nigel Davenport as Gruber; Per Oscarsson as Father Sebastian; Arthur O'Connell as Hoffman; Madeleine Hinde as Inge; Yorgo Voyagis as Pirelli; Miguel Alejandro as Julio; Christian Roberts as Andreas; Brian Blessed as Korski; Ian Hogg as Graf; Michael Gothard as Hansen; George Innes as Vornez; Ralph Arliss as Claus
CinematographyJohn Wilcox; Norman Warwick
PlotPeople in a small German village in the last valley to remain untouched by the devastating Thirty Years' War try to exist in peace with a group of soldiers occupying the valley.
ProducerJames Clavell; Martin Baum
WriterJames Clavell; J.B. Pick
Last Valley -vhs