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New Land Nybyggarna -vhs
TitleNew Land Nybyggarna -vhs
Time157 mins
GenreDrama; Western
DirectorJan Troell
ActorMax Von Sydow as Karl Oskar; Liv Ullmann as Kristina; Eddie Axberg as Robert; Pierre Lindstedt as Arvid; Allan Edwall as Danjel; Monica Zetterlund as Ulrika; Hans Alfredson as Jonas Petter; Agneta Prytz as Fina-Kajsa; Halvar Bjork as Anders M�nsson / hennes son; Tom C. Fouts as Pastor Jackson; Peter Lindgren as Samuel N�jd; Per Oscarsson as Pastor T�rner; Oscar Ljung as Petrus Olausson; Karin Nordstr�m as Judit / hans hustru; Larry Clementson as Mr. Abbot
CinematographyJan Troell
PlotContinuation from Utvandrarna (1971): The Swedes arrive in the USA. They still have a long journey to Minnesota where they expect to find other Swedes. When they arrive there, each family searches a place to build a home. Kristina and Karl-Oskar live a better life than in Sweden, even though Kristina is very homesick in the begin. Karl-Oskar's brother and his friend Arvid go to California to follow the gold rush. However, Robert returns sick without Arvid who died on the way to California. Robert gets no better and dies. Later, Kristina dies while being pregnant. Karl-Oska r gets much older than her but feels very lonely during his last years.
ProducerBengt Forslund
WriterJan Troell; Bengt Forslund
New Land Nybyggarna -vhs