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Member Of The Wedding -vhs
TitleMember Of The Wedding -vhs
Time93 mins
DirectorFred Zinnemann
ActorEthel Waters as Berenice Sadie Brown; Julie Harris as Frankie Addams; Brandon De Wilde as John Henry; Arthur Franz as Jarvis Addams; Nancy Gates as Janice; William Hansen as Mr. Addams; James Edwards as Honey Camden Brown; Harry Bolden as T.T. Williams; Dickie Moore as Soldier; Hugh Beaumont as Minister; Margaret Bert as Townswoman; Jeanne Blackford as Townswoman; Gail Bonney as Townswoman; Ivan Browning as Porter; Ann Carter as Doris - Club Girl
CinematographyHal Mohr
PlotCarson McCullers stage hit brought to the screen by Fred Zinnemann starring Ethel Waters and Julie Harris. Tomboy Julie Harris dreams of running away with her brother and new fiancee away from the Deep South.
ProducerStanley Kramer; Edward Anhalt
WriterEdward Anhalt; Edna Anhalt
Member Of The Wedding -vhs