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Black Robe -vhs
TitleBlack Robe -vhs
Time101 mins
GenreAction; Adventure; Drama; History
DirectorBruce Beresford
ActorLothaire Bluteau as Laforgue; Aden Young as Daniel; Sandrine Holt as Annuka; August Schellenberg as Chomina; Tantoo Cardinal as Chomina's Wife; Billy Two Rivers as Ougebmat; Lawrence Bayne as Neehatin; Harrison Liu as Awondoie; Wesley Cote as Oujita; Frank Wilson as Father Jerome; Fran�ois Tass� as Father Bourque; Jean Brousseau as Champlain; Yvan Labelle as Mestigoit; Raoul Trujillo as Kiotseaton; James Bobbish as Ondesson
CinematographyPeter James
PlotMissionary Father LaForgue travels to the New World in hopes of converting Algonquin Indians to Catholicism. Accepted, though warily, by the Indians, LaForgue travels with the Indians using his strict Catholic rules and ideals to try and impose his religion.
ProducerDenis Heroux; Jake Eberts
WriterBrian Moore
Black Robe -vhs