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Terror Of Tiny Town
TitleTerror Of Tiny Town
Time62 mins
GenreComedy; Western; Musical; Action
DirectorSam Newfield
ActorBilly Curtis as The Hero (Buck Lawson); Yvonne Moray as The Girl (Nancy Preston); 'Little Billy' Rhodes as The Villain (Bat Haines); Billy Platt as The Rich Uncle (Jim 'Tex' Preston); John T. Bambury as The Ranch Owner (Pop Lawson); Joseph Herbst as The Sheriff; Charles Becker as The Cook (Otto); Nita Krebs as The Vampire (Nita / the dance hall girl); George Ministeri as The Blacksmith (Armstrong); Karl 'Karchy' Kosiczky as The Barber (Sammy); Fern Formica as Diamond Dolly; William H. O'Docharty as The Old Soak; Jed Buell's Midgets; Jerry Maren as Townsperson; August Clarence Swenson as Preacher
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyMack Stengler
PlotUsing a conventional Western story with an all dwarf cast, the filmmakers were able to showcase gags such as cowboys entering the local saloon by walking under the swinging doors, and pint-sized cowboys galloping around on Shetland ponies while roping calves.
ProducerJed Buell; Abe Meyer
WriterFred Myton; Clarence Marks
Terror Of Tiny Town