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Run Ronnie Run
TitleRun Ronnie Run
Time86 mins
GenreComedy; Documentary
DirectorTroy Miller
ActorJack Black; Jeff Goldblum; David Cross as Ronnie Dobbs; David Koechner as Clay; M.C. Gainey as Hark Trellis; R. Lee Ermey; Andy Richter; Garry Shandling; Trey Parker; Bob Odenkirk; Jill Talley as Tammy; Nikki Cox; Brian Posehn; Scott Thompson; Suli McCullough as Kyle
RatingR (Restricted)
PlotA redneck with an uncanny knack for getting arrested becomes the star of his own reality program.
ProducerTroy Miller; Mark Burg
WriterBob Odenkirk; Scott Aukerman
SubtitlesEnglish; English (Closed Captioned)
Run Ronnie Run