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King Kong Lives
TitleKing Kong Lives
Time105 mins
GenreAdventure; Science Fiction; Fantasy; Thriller; Action
DirectorJohn Guillermin; Charles McCracken
ActorLeon Rippy as Hunter; Linda Hamilton as Amy Franklin; John Ashton as Lt. Col. R.T. Nevitt; Brian Kerwin as Hank Mitchell; Peter Elliott as King Kong; Peter Michael Goetz as Dr. Andrew Ingersoll; Bonnie Johnson as Technician #2; George Yiasoumi as Lady Kong; Michael Forest as Vance; Jim Grimshaw as Sergeant; Elizabeth Hayes as Reporter; J. Michael Hunter as Technician #3; Lou Criscuolo as Faculty Doctor #2; Marc Clement as Crew Chief; Jeff Benninghofen as Radioman #1
CinematographyAlec Mills
PlotKong falls from the twin towers and he appears to be alive!
ProducerMartha De Laurentiis; Dino De Laurentiis
WriterRonald Shusett; Merian C. Cooper
King Kong Lives