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Eagle Has Landed -blu uk
TitleEagle Has Landed -blu uk
Time131 mins
GenreAction; Adventure; Drama; Thriller; War
DirectorJohn Sturges
FormatBlu-ray Disc
ActorMichael Caine as Col. Kurt Steiner; Donald Sutherland as Liam Devlin; Robert Duvall as Col. Max Radl; Michael Byrne as Karl; Treat Williams as Capt. Harry Clark; Donald Pleasence as Heinrich Himmler; John Standing as Father Verecker; Jenny Agutter as Molly Prior; Jean Marsh as Joanna Grey; Anthony Quayle as Admiral Wilhelm Canaris; Larry Hagman as Col. Clarence E. Pitts; Sven-Bertil Taube as Capt. von Neustadt; Keith Buckley as Hauptmann Gericke; Judy Geeson as Pamela Verecker; Tim Barlow as George Wilde
CinematographyAnthony B. Richmond
PlotWhen the Nazi high command learns in late 1943 that Winston Churchill will be spending time at a country estate in Norfolk, it hatches an audacious scheme to kidnap the prime minister and spirit him to Germany for enforced negotiations with Hitler.
ProducerJack Wiener; David Niven Jr.
WriterTom Mankiewicz; Jack Higgins
Eagle Has Landed -blu uk