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World War Two: Behind Closed Doors
TitleWorld War Two: Behind Closed Doors
Time344 mins
DirectorLaurence Rees; Andrew Williams
ActorKeith David as Narrator�; Bob Gunton as Franklin Roosevelt; William Armstrong; Paul Humpoletz as Winston Churchill; Aleksei Petrenko as Joseph Stalin; Michael J. Reynolds; Simon Thorp; Krzysztof Dracz; Michal Grudzinski; William Amstrong; Tomasz Kwietko-Bebnowski; Dimitry Persin
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotStalin, the Nazis and the West. Joseph Stalin was a tyrant responsible for the death of millions, yet he was also a vital ally of Britain and America during the Second World War. How was it possible for Churchill and Roosevelt to deal with one tyrant, Joseph Stalin, in order to help beat another, Adolf Hitler? That's one of the key questions at the heart of this six-part landmark history series. The series uses dramatic reconstructions, based on extensive fresh research in Russian and Western archives, and extraordinary testimony from witnesses of the time, including former Soviet secret policemen who have not spoken before on camera, in order to tell a 'behind closed doors' history.
World War Two: Behind Closed Doors