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Wind That Shakes The Barley
TitleWind That Shakes The Barley
Time127 mins
GenreDrama; War
DirectorKen Loach
ActorCillian Murphy as Damien; Liam Cunningham as Dan; Roger Allam as Sir John Hamilton; Padraic Delaney as Teddy; William Ruane as Gogan; John Crean as Chris; Frank Bourke as Leo; Gerard Kearney as Donnacha; M�irt�n de C�g�in as Sean; Siobhan Mc Sweeney as Julia; Niall McCarthy as Extra
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotIn 1920s Ireland young doctor Damien O'Donovan prepares to depart for a new job in a London hospital. As he says his goodbyes at a friend's farm, British Black and Tans arrive, and a young man is killed. Damien joins his brother Teddy in the Irish Republican Army, but political events are soon set in motion that tear the brothers apart.
ProducerRebecca O'Brien; Andrew Lowe
WriterPaul Laverty
SubtitlesEnglish (Closed Captioned); Italian; Spanish
Wind That Shakes The Barley