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Virgin Spring
TitleVirgin Spring
Time89 mins
GenreCrime; Drama; Foreign; Horror
DirectorIngmar Bergman
EditionCriterion Collection
ActorMax Von Sydow as T�re; Max Von Sidow as T�re; Gunnel Lindblom as Ingeri; Allan Edwall as Beggar; Birgitta Valberg as M�reta; Axel Duberg as Thin Herdsman; Tor Isedal as Mute Herdsman; Gudrun Brost as Frida; Oscar Ljung as Simon; Tor Borong as Farm-hand; Leif Forstenberg as Farm-hand; Birgitta Pettersson as Karin; Axel Slangus as Bridge Keeper; Ove Porath as Boy
RatingUR (Unrated)
PlotDevout Christians T�re and M�reta send their only daughter, the virginal Karin, and their foster daughter, the unrepentant Ingeri, to deliver candles to a distant church. On their way through the woods, the girls encounter a group of savage goat herders who brutally rape and murder Karin as Ingeri remains hidden. When the killers unwittingly seek refuge in the farmhouse of T�re and M�reta, T�re plots a fitting revenge.
ProducerIngmar Bergman; Allan Ekelund
WriterUlla Isaksson
Virgin Spring