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Sword of Doom Dai-Bosatsu T�ge -blu
TitleSword of Doom Dai-Bosatsu T�ge -blu
Time121 mins
GenreDrama; Foreign
DirectorKihachi Okamoto
FormatBlu-ray Disc
ActorTatsuya Nakadai as Ryunosuke Tsukue; Yuzo Kayama as Hyoma Utsuki; Kei Sato as Kamo Serizawa; Tadao Nakamaru as Isamu Kondo; Michiyo Aratama as Ohama
RatingUR (Unrated)
PlotMerciless swordsman Ryunosuke Tsukue is a government assassin in feudal Japan who has no remorse and no moral code. When he is scheduled to participate in a friendly fencing contest, he ends up killing his competitor. Next, after a fight with his own mistress, he murders her and deserts their infant son. Later, while spending the night in a haunted geisha house, he sees the specters of all of his victims and spirals into madness, leaving a bloodbath in his wake.
ProducerSanezumi Fujimoto; Kaneharu Minamizato
WriterShinobu Hashimoto; Kaizan Nakazato
Sword of Doom Dai-Bosatsu T�ge -blu