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Red Desert Il Deserto Rosso -blu
TitleRed Desert Il Deserto Rosso -blu
Time120 mins
GenreAction; Drama; Foreign
DirectorMichelangelo Antonioni
EditionSpecial Edition
FormatBlu-ray Disc
ActorRichard Harris as Corrado Zeller; Monica Vitti as Giuliana; Rita Renoir as Emilia; Bruno Scipioni; Xenia Valderi as Linda; Carlo Chionetti as Ugo; Valerio Bartoleschi as Giuliana's son; Carla Ravasi; Hiram Mino Madonia; Beppe Conti; Ivo Scherpiani; Giuliano Missirini as Radio telescope operator; Julio Cotignoli; Emanuela Paola Carboni as Girl in fable; Lili Rheims as Telescope operator's wife
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotAmid the modern wastelands and toxic factories of Italy, wife and mother Giuliana desperately tries to conceal her tenuous grip on reality from those around her, especially her successful yet neglectful husband, Ugo. Ugo's old pal, Corrado, shows up in town on a business trip and is more sensitive to Giuliana's anxieties. They begin an affair, but it does little to quell Giuliana's existential fears, and her mental state rapidly deteriorates.
ProducerAngelo Rizzoli; Tonino Cervi
WriterMichelangelo Antonioni; Tonino Guerra
Red Desert Il Deserto Rosso -blu