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Time123 mins
GenreDrama; Music; Opera; Foreign
DirectorFranco Zeffirelli
ActorRemo Remotti as Brabantio; Placido Domingo as Otello; Urbano Barberini as Cassio; Massimo Foschi as Lodovico; Antonio Pierfederici as Doge; Sergio Nicolai as Roderigo; Katia Ricciarelli as Desdemona; Enzo Marino Bellanich; John Macurdy as Lodovico; Daniela Merlo as Member of Chorus; Gabriella Borni as Dancer Soloist; Justino D�az as Iago; Edward Toumajian as Montano; Ezio Di Cesare as Cassio; Peter Lapres as Cassio's Aide
RatingPG (Parental Guidance)
PlotHaving previously staged Verdi's 1887 opera Otello at the Met and La Scala, filmmaker Franco Zeffirelli committed his production to film in 1986. Starring as the fatally jealous Moor of Venice is Placido Domingo, who had also headlined Zeffirelli's 1976 La Scala staging (production on the film was briefly interrupted while Domingo participated in the rescue operations following the Mexico City earthquake). While Katia Ricciarelli as Desdemona and Justino Diaz as Iago perform their own singing, Zeffirelli's Cassio--played by real-life European prince Urbano Barberini--is dubbed by Ezio de Cesare. The director made several cuts in the original libretto and score in order to accommodate the film's two-hour time limit, but these excisions are done with taste and discretion. Because of the excessive violence in the third act--two murders, a suicide, a superficial throat-slashing--Otello was released with a PG rating.
ProducerMenahem Golan; Yoram Globus
WriterFranco Zeffirelli; William Shakespeare
SubtitlesEnglish; French; Spanish