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Leon Morin, Priest  -blu
TitleLeon Morin, Priest -blu
Time115 mins
GenreDrama; Foreign; Romance
DirectorJean-Pierre Melville
EditionCriterion Collection
FormatBlu-ray Disc
ActorJean-Paul Belmondo as Leon Morin; Emmanuelle Riva as Barny; Howard Vernon; G�rard Buhr; Marc Eyraud; Gis�le Grimm as Lucienne; Ir�ne Tunc as Christine Sangredin; Monique Hennessy as Arlette; Patricia Gozzi; Gis Grimm; Ir Tunc; Nina Gr�goire; Marco Behar as Edelman; Nina Gr; Monique Bertho as Marion
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotIn World War II, the widow Barny sees the Italian soldiers arriving in occupied Saint Bernard while walking to her job. Barny lives with her daughter and works correcting tests and feels a great attraction toward her boss Sabine. When the Germans arrive, Barny sends her half-Jewish daughter to live in a farm in the countryside and finds that Sabine's brother has been arrested and sent to a concentration camp. The atheist Barny decides to baptize her daughter to protect her and chooses priest L�on Morin to discuss with him themes related to religion and Catholicism and L�on lends books to her. Barny converts to the Catholicism and becomes closer to L�on, feeling an unrequited desire for him.
ProducerCarlo Ponti; Georges de Beauregard
WriterJean-Pierre Melville; B�atrix Beck
Leon Morin, Priest  -blu