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Time83 mins
GenreDrama; Romance
DirectorFrank Capra
ActorRalph Bellamy as Al Holland; Helen Stuart as Woman; Barbara Stanwyck as Lulu Smith; Jack Chefe as Waiter at Havana Gambling House; Adolphe Menjou as Bob Grover; Chuck Hamilton as Wilkins; William H. O'Brien as Waiter; Edmund Cobb as Howard Martin III; Halliwell Hobbes as Florist; Dick Winslow as Office Boy; Fred Kelsey as Marty; Wilson Benge as Grover's Butler; Edmund Mortimer as Man at Political Convention; Dorothy Peterson as Helen Grover; Arthur Hoyt as Martin
CinematographyJoseph Walker
PlotOn a cruise to Cuba, Lulu Smith falls in love with Bob Grover. Back home, she breaks off the romance when he tells her he is married. Lulu has a baby, but doesn't tell Bob, who turns out to be a rising politician. She passes herself off as the baby's nanny. When Bob learns what is going on, he adopts the little girl, not telling his wife or anyone else where she came from. Lulu gets a job at a newspaper. Things get complicated when the editor gets the dirt on Grover, but also wants to marry Lulu
ProducerFrank Capra; Harry Cohn
WriterFrank Capra; Jo Swerling