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Band Of Outsiders -blu
TitleBand Of Outsiders -blu
Time95 mins
GenreDocumentary; Film Noir; Foreign; Music; Mystery; Thriller
DirectorJean-Luc Godard
EditionCriterion Collection
FormatBlu-ray Disc
ActorClaude Brasseur as Arthur; Sami Frey as Franz; Jean-Luc Godard as Le narrateur; Anna Karina as Odile; Georges Staquet as Le l�gionnaire; Michel Delahaye as Le portier; Ernest Menzer as Arthur's Uncle; Jean-Claude R�moleux as L'�l�ve buveur d'alcool; Dani�le Girard as English Teacher; Chantal Darget as Arthur's Aunt; Louisa Colpeyn as Madame Victoria; Claude Makovski as Pupil; Mich�le Seghers as Student in English Class
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyRaoul Coutard
PlotCinephile slackers Franz and Arthur spend their days mimicking the antiheroes of Hollywood noirs and Westerns while pursuing the lovely Odile. The misfit trio upends convention at every turn, be it through choreographed dances in caf�s or frolicsome romps through the Louvre. Eventually, their romantic view of outlaws pushes them to plan their own heist, but their inexperience may send them out in a blaze of glory -- which could be just what they want.
WriterJean-Luc Godard; Dolores Hitchens
Band Of Outsiders -blu