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L'argent -blu
TitleL'argent -blu
Time85 mins
GenreCrime; Drama; Foreign; Thriller
DirectorRobert Bresson
FormatBlu-ray Disc
ActorSylvie Van den Elsen as Grey Haired Woman; Eric Franklin; Fran�ois-Marie Banier; Caroline Lang as Elise; Christian Patey as Yvon Targe; Andre Cler as P�re de Norbert; Claude Cler as Norbert's Mother; Jeanne Aptekman as Yvette; Michel Briguet as Grey Haired Woman's Father; Vincent Risterucci as Lucien; Bernard Lamarche Vadel; Jacques Behr; Alexandre Pasche; Alain Aptekman
CinematographyPasqualino de Santis; Emmanuel Machuel
PlotA forged 500-franc note is cynically passed from person to person and shop to shop, until it falls into the hands of a genuine innocent who doesn't see it for what it is - which will have devastating consequences on his life, causing him to turn to crime and murder.
ProducerDaniel Toscan du Plantier; Jean-Marc Henchoz
WriterRobert Bresson; Leo Tolstoy
L'argent -blu