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Pressure Point
TitlePressure Point
Time89 mins
DirectorHubert Cornfield
ActorGeorge Murdock as Rally Speaker; Sidney Poitier as Doctor; Peter Falk as Young psychiatrist; Barry Gordon as Patient as a boy; Yvette Vickers as Drunken woman; Bobby Darin as Patient; Howard Caine as Tavern owner; Ethan Laidlaw as Bald Man at Bund Meeting; Frank Maxwell as Bund Meeting Speaker; Butch Patrick as Imaginary Playmate; James Anderson as Father; Mary Munday as Bar hostess; Carl Benton Reid as Chief medical officer; Anne Barton as Mother; Clegg Hoyt as Pete
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyErnest Haller
PlotAn African-American prison psychiatrist finds the boundaries of his professionalism sorely tested when he must counsel a disturbed inmate with bigoted Nazi tendencies.
ProducerStanley Kramer
WriterHubert Cornfield
Pressure Point