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Beautiful Thing -vhs
TitleBeautiful Thing -vhs
Time90 mins
GenreComedy; Drama; Romance
DirectorHettie MacDonald
ActorLinda Henry as Sandra Gangel; Glen Berry as Jamie Gangel; Steven M. Martin as Ryan McBride; Scott Neal as Ste Pearce; Meera Syal as Miss Chauhan; Martin Walsh as Mr. Bennett; Ben Daniels as Tony; Marlene Sidaway as Betty; John Benfield as Rodney Barr; Beth Goddard as Brewery Official; Terry Duggan as Kevin; Tameka Empson as Leah Russell; Andrew Fraser as Jayson; Daniel Bowers as Trevor Pearce; Sophie Stanton as Louise
CinematographyChris Seager
PlotA pair of teenage boys growing up in a working-class neighbourhood of Thamesmead, in south-east London, become aware of their homosexuality. While both were vaguely aware they might be gay, neither had ever acted on their impulses. Once they decide that they're attracted to each other, neither is sure just what to do.
ProducerTony Garnett; Bill Shapter
WriterJonathan Harvey
Beautiful Thing -vhs