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Ernest Scared Stupid  no case
TitleErnest Scared Stupid no case
Time91 mins
GenreComedy; Family; Horror
DirectorJohn R. Cherry III
ActorJim Varney as Ernest; Eartha Kitt as Old Lady Hackmore; Austin Nagler as Kenny; Shay Astar as Elizabeth; Jonas Moscartolo as Trantor; John Cadenhead as Tom Tulip; Bill Byrge as Bobby Tulip; Richard Woolf as Matt; Nick Victory as Mike; Alec Klapper as Joey; Steven Moriyon as Gregg; Daniel Butler as Cliff; Esther Huston as Amanda; Larry Black as Mayor Murdock; Denice Hicks as Elizabeth's Mother
PlotWell-intentioned, eternally bumbling Ernest P. Worrell accidentally releases an evil demon from its sacred tomb. As the demon flexes its power and goes on a ruinous rampage, good-guy Ernest tries to step in to save the town from mass destruction. Trouble is, a 200-year-old curse has scared Ernest stupid, and that means hilarity all around! So, kick back and let the laugh-ridden adventures begin.
ProducerCoke Sams; Stacy Williams
WriterCharles Gale; Coke Sams
Ernest Scared Stupid  no case