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Requiem For A Heavyweight / Joe Louis Story
TitleRequiem For A Heavyweight / Joe Louis Story
Time95 mins
GenreDrama; Sports
DirectorRalph Nelson
ActorMuhammad Ali as Himself; Anthony Quinn as Louis Rivera; Mickey Rooney as Army; Jackie Gleason as Maish Rennick; Rory Calhoun as Himself; Stanley Adams as Perelli; Julie Harris as Grace Miller; Val Avery as Young fighter's promoter; Michael Conrad as Ma Greeny's thug; Jack Dempsey as Himself; Herbie Faye as Charlie; Barney Ross as Himself; Madame Spivy as Ma Greeny; Steve Belloise as Hotel desk clerk; Abe Simon
CinematographyArthur J. Ornitz
PlotMountain Rivera is at the end of his boxing career after a knockout by Cassius Clay in the seventh round. His left eye is one punch from permanent trauma, his ears turned to cauliflower, his speech slurred from 'being hit a million times,' and he slings punches anytime he hears a bell, but his trainer and 'cutman' Army, and Miss Miller, a manipulative social worker, support his illusion that he could be a movie usher, a camp counselor, or a romantic partner for Miller.
ProducerJack Grossberg; David Susskind
WriterRod Serling
Requiem For A Heavyweight / Joe Louis Story