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Presumed Guilty
TitlePresumed Guilty
Time92 mins
GenreDrama; Adventure; Action
DirectorPaul Wendkos; Lawrence L. Simeone
ActorChristine Dunford; Ren Estevez; Peter Friedman; James Handy; Caroline Kava; Mark Metcalf; Martin Sheen; Tristan Tait; Zachary Mott; Rebecca Schull; Jack Forcinito as Jessie Weston; Holly Floria as Mary Austin; Wayne Zanelotti as Deputy Rogers; David Rockwell as Dillon; Sharon Young as Diana Weston
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotJessie Weston is an ex-con recently released from prison after serving two years for auto theft. He is welcomed back into his small California down by his best friend Dillion and his older brother, Paul. But Jessie is not warmly received by his old girlfriend Mary, whom is the daughter of the arrogant and corrupt sheriff, who was the reason why he locked Jessie up in the first place. When Dillion is murdered by two thugs looking him up for late payments, the sheriff and his MORE murderously corrupt deputy frame Jessie for it in order to organize a vigilante group to hunt him down. Jessie must go on the run, with Mary tagging along, to try to prove his innocence and kill all the bad guys out to kill him.
ProducerDavid Winters; Jay Benson
WriterCynthia Whitcomb; Lawrence L. Simeone
SubtitlesSpanish; English (Closed Captioned)
Presumed Guilty