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Journey To The Center Of The Earth
TitleJourney To The Center Of The Earth
Time80 mins
GenreAction; Family; Fantasy; Science Fiction
DirectorAlbert Pyun; George Miller
ActorEmo Phillips as Nimrod; Jackie Bernstein as Sara; Janie du Plessis as Gen. Rykov / Shank; Lochner De Kock as Professor Galba; Jeff Celentano as Tola; Simon Poland as Roderman / Hairdresser; Jeremy Crutchley as Billy Foul; Janine Bonollo as Troll Girl; Myra Chasen as Mrs. Wellington; Paul Carafotes as Richard; Kathy Ireland as Wanda Saknussemm; Nicola Cowper as Crystina; Ilan Mitchell-Smith as Bryan; Albert Maritz as Mago / Kepple / Lab Assistant; Beany Chopper as Bernard
PlotWhen brothers Richard and Bryan and young nanny Crystina fall into a hole while exploring one of Hawaii's many volcanic caves, they plummet all the way to the center of the Earth in this adventure loosely based on Jules Verne's classic novel. The teen-oriented film follows the trio's discovery of the lost continent of Atlantis, an underground world populated by creatures and monsters.
ProducerMenahem Golan; Adam Fields
WriterRusty Lemorande; Jules Verne
Journey To The Center Of The Earth