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I'd Climb The Highest Mountain
TitleI'd Climb The Highest Mountain
Time88 mins
GenreDrama; Romance; Biography
DirectorHenry King
ActorSusan Hayward as Mary Elizabeth Eden Thompson; William Lundigan as Rev. William Thompson; Rory Calhoun as Jack Stark; Barbara Bates as Jenny Brock; Gene Lockhart as Mr. Brock; Lynn Bari as Mrs. Billywith; Ruth Donnelly as Glory White; Kathleen Lockhart as Mrs. Brock; Alexander Knox as Tom Salter; Jean Inness as Mrs. Martha Salter
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotThe Story of a Methodist minister called to a north-Georgia mountain community at the turn of the century. From the biographical book by Corra Harris.
ProducerLamar Trotti
WriterHenry King; Corra Harris
I'd Climb The Highest Mountain