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Fraggle Rock: Season 1
TitleFraggle Rock: Season 1
Time2880 mins
GenreAnimation; Adventure; Family
DirectorJim Henson; George Bloomfield
ActorDave Goelz as Boober/Philo/Travelling Uncle Matt/Wrench; Jim Henson as Cantus the Minstrel/Convincing John; Richard Hunt as Junior Gorg/Gunge/Turbo/Wizard; Fulton MacKay as Captain; Kathryn Mullen as Mokey/Cotterpin Doozer; Jerry Nelson as Gobo/Marjorie the Trash Heap/Pa Gorg/Architect; Gerard Parkes as Doc; Karen Prell as Red; Steve Whitmire as Wembley/Sprocket; Simon O'Brien as Presenter
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotFraggle Rock is a magical place that exists just beyond reality, where the silly and carefree Fraggles live alongside small industrious Doozers - who never stop building their intricate constructions; huge fearsome Gorgs - who grow delicious vegetables and attempt to rule the world from their ruined castle; and a talking Trash Heap - who delivers nonsensical but useful advice to the Fraggles
ProducerJim Henson
WriterJim Henson; Jerry Juhl
Fraggle Rock: Season 1