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Radar Men From The Moon #1
TitleRadar Men From The Moon #1
Time87 mins
GenreScience Fiction; Thriller; Action
DirectorFred C. Brannon
EditionChapters 1-6
ActorGeorge Wallace as Commando Cody; Aline Towne as Joan Gilbert; Roy Barcroft as Retik; William Bakewell as Ted Richards; Clayton Moore as Graber; Peter Brocco as Krog; Robert R. Stephenson as Daly; Don Walters as Mr. Henderson; Tom Steele as Zerg; Dale Van Sickel as Alon; Wilson Wood as Hank; Paul McGuire as Bream
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotCommando Cody, 'Sky Marshal of the Universe', works with American scientists Joan Gilbert and Ted Richards in the development of a flying suit and a rocket to the Moon. When the nation's defences are being sabotaged and destroyed, Cody learns that an atomic-gun is being used and that the men on the moon are the culprits.
ProducerFranklin Adreon
WriterRonald Davidson
Radar Men From The Moon #1