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Mutual Appreciation
TitleMutual Appreciation
Time109 mins
GenreComedy; Drama
DirectorAndrew Bujalski
ActorJustin Rice as Alan; Rachel Clift as Ellie; Andrew Bujalski as Lawrence; Seung-Min Lee as Sara; Pamela Corkey as Patricia; Kevin Micka as Dennis; Ralph Tyler as Jerry; Peter Pentz as Scotty; Bill Morrison as Walter; Tamara Luzeckyj as Esther; Mary Varn as Rebecca; Kate Dollenmayer as Hildy; Keith Gessen as Julian; Salvatore Botti as Ron
RatingUR (Unrated)
CinematographyMatthias Grunsky
PlotAlan is a musician who leaves a busted-up band for New York, and a new musical voyage. He tries to stay focused and fends off all manner of distractions, including the attraction to his good friend's girlfriend. Film of the 'Mumblecore' genre.
ProducerMorgan Faust; Jeff Caldwell
WriterAndrew Bujalski
Mutual Appreciation