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Lover Come Back
TitleLover Come Back
Time104 mins
GenreComedy; Thriller; Romance
DirectorDelbert Mann
ActorJack Albertson as Fred; Jack Kruschen as Doctor Linus Tyler; Tony Randall as Peter Ramsey; Rock Hudson as Jerry Webster; Doris Day as Carol Templeton; Russ Bender as Gates; Edie Adams as Rebel Davis; Charles Watts as Charlie; Joe Flynn as Hadley; Richard Deacon as Dr. Melnick; Donna Douglas as Deborah; Ted Bessell as Elevator Operator; Ann B. Davis as Millie; Jack Oakie as J. Paxton Miller; Ray Daley as Martin
CinematographyArthur E. Arling
PlotRock Hudson and Doris Day are together again! Jerry Webster (Hudson) and Carol Templeton (Day) are rival Madison Avenue advertising executives who each dislike each other�s methods. After he steals a client out from under her cute little nose, revenge prompts her to infiltrate his secret 'VIP' campaign in order to persuade the mystery product�s scientist to switch to her firm.
ProducerStanley Shapiro; Robert Arthur
WriterStanley Shapiro; Paul Henning
Lover Come Back