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Lady On A Train - Deanna Durbin collection
TitleLady On A Train - Deanna Durbin collection
Time90 mins
GenreComedy; Crime; Drama; Mystery; Romance; Thriller
DirectorCharles David
ActorDeanna Durbin as Nikki Collins/Margo Martin; Ralph Bellamy as Jonathan Waring; David Bruce as Wayne Morgan; George Coulouris as Mr. Saunders; Allen Jenkins as Danny; Dan Duryea as Arnold Waring; Edward Everett Horton as Mr. Haskell; Elizabeth Patterson as Charlotte Waring; Patricia Morison as Joyce Willams; Maria Palmer as Margo Martin; Samuel S. Hinds as Mr. Wiggam; William Frawley as Police Sergeant Christie; Jacqueline deWit as Miss Fletcher; Thurston Hall as Josiah Waring; Ben Carter as Maxwell
CinematographyElwood Bredell
PlotWhile on a train, Nikki Collins witnesses a murder as they pass a building. When she tells the police, they think she's crazy since she can't tell exactly where the crime happened. She then enlists a popular mystery writer to help with her sleuthing
ProducerFelix Jackson; Howard Christie
WriterEdmund Beloin; Leslie Charteris
Lady On A Train - Deanna Durbin collection