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First Reformed
TitleFirst Reformed
Time108 mins
GenreDrama; Thriller
DirectorPaul Schrader
ActorAmanda Seyfried as Mary; Ethan Hawke as Reverend Ernst Toller; Cedric the Entertainer as Reverend Joel Jeffers; Michael Gaston as Edward Balq; Victoria Hill as Esther; Van Hansis as Roger; Philip Ettinger as Michael; Kristin Villanueva as Nurse Cindy; Krystina Alabado as Youth Choir Member; Elanna White as Youth Choir Member; Bill Hoag as John Elder; Gary Lee Mahmoud as Doctor; Sue Jean Kim as Youth Director; Frank Murray as Coroner; Frank Rodriguez as Sheriff
CinematographyAlexander Dynan
PlotA pastor of a small church in upstate New York starts to spiral out of control after a soul-shaking encounter with an unstable environmental activist and his pregnant wife.
ProducerChristine Vachon; Jack Binder
WriterPaul Schrader
First Reformed