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Shock Corridor
TitleShock Corridor
Time101 mins
GenreDrama; Thriller; Mystery; Film Noir
DirectorSamuel Fuller
ActorPhilip Ahn as Dr. Fong; James Best as Stuart; Peter Breck as Johnny Barrett; John Craig as Lloyd; Lucille Curtis; Jeanette Dana; Paul Dubov as Doctor J.L. Menkin; Gene Evans as Boden; Frank Gerstle as Lt. Kane; Marlene Manners; John Matthews as Dr. L. G. Cristo; Neyle Morrow as Psycho; Barbara Perry; Linda Randolph as Dance teacher in therapy class; Hari Rhodes as Trent
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographySamuel Fuller; Stanley Cortez
PlotDetermined to pull in the Pulitzer Prize, reporter Johnny Barrett will go to any length necessary to win the coveted award. When he learns of an unsolved murder committed at a mental institution, Barrett devises a scheme to solve it and earn himself recognition. With the assistance of a psychiatrist and his girlfriend, Barrett convinces the doctors at the institution to commit him. Once inside, he begins his investigation -- and gradually loses his mind.
ProducerSamuel Fuller; Leon Fromkess
WriterSamuel Fuller
Shock Corridor