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Once Upon a Time in Rio Era Uma Vez...
TitleOnce Upon a Time in Rio Era Uma Vez...
Time117 mins
GenreDrama; Foreign
DirectorBreno Silveira
ActorCyria Coentro as Bernadete; Rodrigo Costa as D� Pequeno; Vit�ria Frate as Nina; Paulo C�sar Grande as Evandro; Thiago Martins as D�; Rocco Pitanga as Carl�o; Marcos Pitombo as Dudu; Luana Schneider as Cacau
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotSituated just above the awe-inspiring Ipanema beach in Rio is the Cantagalo slum. Every day, floods of Cantagalo residents make their way down the mountain, only to disappear into their surroundings as part of the invisible working-class that cleans apartments, works in restaurants, and sells food along the scenic, sun-drenched shores. Young D� (Thiago Martins) is just such a man. D� lives with his mother Bernadette (Cyria Coentro) in a cramped Cantagalo apartment, selling hot dogs on the beach in order to make the rent. His brother Beto was killed when D� was just a young boy, and his adopted brother Carl�o (Rocco Pitanga) has been jailed for a robbery that he didn't commit. One day, while working on the beach, D� meets Nina (Vit�ria Frate). Nina is the only child of a successful lawyer named Evandro (Paulo C�sar Grande), who's none to happy to discover that his daughter is dating a member of the lower class. How...
ProducerPedro Buarque de Hollanda; Daniel Filho
WriterPatr�cia Andrade
Once Upon a Time in Rio Era Uma Vez...