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Ipcress File
TitleIpcress File
Time103 mins
GenreAction; Adventure; Crime; Mystery; Thriller
DirectorSidney J. Furie
ActorMichael Caine as Sergeant Harry Palmer; Gordon Jackson as Agent Jock Carswell; Nigel Green as Major Dalby; Sue Lloyd as Agent Jean Courtney; Guy Doleman as Colonel H.L. Ross; David Glover as Chilcott-Oakes; Stanley Meadows as Inspector Keightley; Freda Bamford as Alice; Thomas Baptiste as Barney; Frank Gatliff as Bluejay; Oliver MacGreevy as Housemartin; Aubrey Richards as Dr. Radcliffe; Pauline Winter as Charlady; Anthony Blackshaw as Edwards; Barry Raymond as Gray
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyOtto Heller
PlotThis espionage thriller represents a landmark in spy movies introducing the sly, dry intelligence agent Harry Palmer. The story, centers on Palmer's investigation into British Intelligence security. He's soon enmeshed in a world of double-dealing, kidnap and murder and finds a traitor is operating at the heart of the secret service. Will the mysterious 'Ipcress File' reveal who the traitor is?
ProducerHarry Saltzman; Ronald Kinnoch
WriterLen Deighton; Bill Canaway
Ipcress File