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Harlem Aria
TitleHarlem Aria
Time100 mins
DirectorWilliam Jennings
ActorDamon Wayans as Wes; Gabriel Casseus as Anton; Christian Camargo as Matthew; Malik Yoba as Luke; Paul Sorvino as Fabiano Grazzi; Kristen Wilson as Julia; Eyde Byrde as Auntie; Nicole Ari Parker as Clarisse; Fenton Lawless as Sergeant Scanlon; Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Manny; Jeremiah Alexis as Sentry; Patrick Clarke as Security Guard; Sheila Edmondson as Girl on the Rooftop; Buddy Fitzpatrick; Charles Keating as Professor
RatingR (Restricted)
PlotAn aspiring opera singer from Harlem teams up with a charismatic busker and a kindhearted hustler to share his voice with the world, and teaches his two newfound friends the importance of taking your destiny into your own hands. Anton (Gabriel Casseus) lives in Harlem with his aunt. He dreams of moving to Italy and becoming a famous opera singer, and though he's been blessed with a magnificent singing voice, his passion has made him an outsider in his neighborhood. Running away from home, Anton meets passionate street pianist Matthew (Christian Carmago) and together the two begin drawing large, appreciate crowds on the street. Working the crowd as they do their thing is Wes (Damon Wayans), whose natural charm always gets the cash flowing. And while life on the streets is never easy, Anton, Matthew, and Wes soon discover that by following their dreams, they may find a means of transforming their lives forever.
ProducerDeepak Nayar; Rene Bastian
WriterWilliam Jennings
Harlem Aria