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War Lover
TitleWar Lover
Time105 mins
GenreAdventure; Drama; Romance; War
DirectorPhilip Leacock
ActorEd Bishop as Col. Vogt; Steve McQueen as Capt. Buzz Rickson; Robert Wagner as 1st Lt. Ed Bolland; Shirley Anne Field as Daphne Caldwell; Michael Crawford as Sgt. Junior Sailen; Al Waxman as Sgt. Prien; Gary Cockrell as 2nd Lt. Marty Lynch; Robert Easton as Sgt. Handown; Richard Leech as Murika; Jerry Stovin as Emmet; Louise Dunn as Hazel; Bob Kanter as Haverstraw: Crew of 'The Body'; Bill Edwards as Brindt: Crew of 'The Body'; Tom Busby as Sgt. Farr
CinematographyRobert Huke
PlotBuzz Rickson is a dare-devil World War II bomber pilot with a death wish. Failing at everything not involving flying, Rickson lives for the most dangerous missions. His crew lives with this aspect of his personality only because they know he always brings them back alive.
ProducerArthur Hornblow
WriterHoward Koch; John Hersey
War Lover