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Charlie Chan In Paris
TitleCharlie Chan In Paris
Time72 mins
GenreComedy; Drama; Thriller; Crime; Mystery
DirectorLewis Seiler; Hamilton MacFadden
ActorJohn Qualen as Concierge; Mary Brian as Yvette Lamartine; Keye Luke as Lee Chan; Lynn Bari as Night Club Patron,; Murray Kinnell as Henri Latouche; John Miljan as Albert Dufresne; Harry Cording as Gendarme Arresting Yvette (uncredited); Minor Watson as Renard; Paul McVey as Det. LaVerne (uncredited); Wilfred Lucas as Doorman at the 'Singe Bleu' (uncredited); Warner Oland as Charlie Chan; Rolfe Sedan as Bank Teller (uncredited); Gino Corrado as Pierre, waiter (uncredited); Henry Kolker as M. Lamartine; Thomas Beck as Victor Descartes
CinematographyErnest Palmer; Daniel B. Clark
PlotCharlie's visit to Paris, ostensibly a vacation, is really a mission to investigate a bond-forgery racket. But his agent, apache dancer Nardi is killed before she can tell him much. The case, complicated by a false murder accusation for banker's daughter Yvette, climaxes with a strange journey through the Paris sewers.
ProducerJohn Stone; Sol M. Wurtzel
WriterPhilip MacDonald; Stuart Anthony
Charlie Chan In Paris