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Omagh  (s)
TitleOmagh (s)
Time106 mins
DirectorPete Travis
ActorGerard McSorley as Michael Gallagher; Michele Forbes as Patsy Gallagher; Brenda Fricker as Police Ombudsman Nuala O'Loan; Stuart Graham as Victor Barker; Peter Ballance as Mark Breslin; Pauline Hutton as Sharon Gallagher; Fiona Glascott as Cathy Gallagher; Kathy Kiera Clarke as Elizabeth Gibson; Claire Connor as Caroline Gibson; Gerard Crossan as Hugh; Ian McElhinney as Stanley McCombe; Sarah Gilbert as Patricia McLaughlin; Alan Devlin as Laurence Rush; Frances Quinn as Marion Radford; Tara Lynne O'Neill as Carol Radford
CinematographyDonal Gilligan
PlotThe movie starts at the 1998 bomb attack by the Real IRA at Omagh, Northern Ireland. The attack killed 31 people. Michael Gallagher one of the relatives of the victims starts an examination to bring the people responsible to court.
ProducerPaul Greengrass; Greg Brenman
WriterPaul Greengrass; Guy Hibbert
Omagh  (s)