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Frank Zappa: The Dub Room Special!
TitleFrank Zappa: The Dub Room Special!
Time92 mins
GenreComedy; Music
DirectorFrank Zappa; Dick Darley
ActorFrank Zappa as Himself; George Duke as Himself; Ruth Underwood as Herself; Chester Thompson as Himself; Tom Fowler as Himself; Napoleon Murphy Brock as Himself; Tommy Mars as Himself; Ed Mann as Himself; Steve Vai as Himself; Ray White as Himself; Scott Thunes as Himself; Bobby Martin as Himself; Chad Wackerman as Himself; Massimo Bassoli as Himself; Bruce Ochmanek as Himself
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotProduced by Frank Zappa in 1982, The Dub Room Special combines footage from a performance at the KCET studios in Los Angeles on August 27, 1974, a concert performed at The Palladium, NYC on October 31, 1981, some clay animation by Bruce Bickford, and several interviews. Previously only available through mail-order, it was made widely available on DVD on October 17, 2005.
ProducerFrank Zappa; Richard Baker
WriterFrank Zappa
Frank Zappa: The Dub Room Special!