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Stealing Sinatra
TitleStealing Sinatra
Time96 mins
GenreComedy; Drama; Action; Biography
DirectorRon Underwood
ActorWilliam H. Macy as John Irwin; Thomas Ian Nicholas as Frank Sinatra; David Arquette as Barry Keenan; James Russo as Frank Sinatra; Ryan Browning as Joe Amsler; Sam McMurray as Agent Stameck; Brandy Heidrick as Linda; Bart Anderson as Fisherman; Gillian Barber as Mary Keenan; Catherine Barroll as Nancy Sinatra; Matthew Bennett as Agent Flett; Johnathan Brownlee as Wally's Manager; Brent Chapman as Security Guard; Ron Chartier as James Irwin; Michael Coristine as Jan Berry
CinematographyBrian Pearson
PlotIn need of a grubstake, a young man convinces a couple of friends to help him kidnap Frank Sinatra Jr. It's a true story
ProducerKen Gross; Rose Lam
WriterHoward Korder
Stealing Sinatra