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Nelly And Monsieur Arnaud
TitleNelly And Monsieur Arnaud
Time106 mins
DirectorClaude Sautet
ActorEmmanuelle B�art as Nelly; Michel Serrault as M. Pierre Arnaud; Jean-Hugues Anglade as Vincent Granec; Claire Nadeau as Jacqueline; Francoise Brion as Lucie; Michele Laroque as Isabelle; Michael Lonsdale as Dolabella; Charles Berling as Jer�me; Jean-Pierre Lorit as Christophe; Michel Albertini as Djamel; Coraly Zahonero as Marianne; Graziella Delerm as Laurence; Olivier Pajot as Jean-Marc; Alexandre Chappuis as Luc; Karine Foviau as Sandrine
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyJean-Fran�ois Robin
PlotNelly leaves her lazy, unemployed husband to work for retired judge Mr Arnaud, forty years her senior, after he offers to clear her bills for her. While she types his memoirs the two develop a close friendship, but Arnaud becomes jealous when Nelly begins dating his good-looking young publisher.
ProducerAlain Sarde; Antoine Gannag�
WriterClaude Sautet; Jacques Fieschi
Nelly And Monsieur Arnaud